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I started this blog to help keep me accountable, as we (my husband, 9 year old daughter and I) work towards the following goals:

Buy a house in the South East by age 25  We bought our first home at the age of 24. We picked a town within 20 minutes (by train) of London and with fantastic schools because: 1) Mr. Thrift is partially sighted, so this keeps career options open. 2) We wanted something that could easily be rented out, should our circumstances change.

Pay off all debts (excluding mortgage) by the end of 2017 - We've done this (yay!) We sent ALL of Mr. Miser's paycheque to debt repayment, every month, until the nasty beast was gone.

Pay off entire mortgage by the age of 33
- That's by 2023. We're on track for this, but as it doesn't make much financial sense to pay off our mortgage early, we're going to funnel most of our spare cash into low cost index funds and then pay an extra 10% per annum from the mortgage.

Gain financial independence, retire before 40 and live happily ever after - Watch this space!

We're on fixed incomes, so the main focus of this blog will be thrift and money saving, rather than get rich quick ideas, but I will also be posting as I learn more about investing.

A quick note on advertising...

You might notice advertisements on this website. I'd rather not have them (they're ugly, intrusive and anti-miserly) but they just about cover the upkeep of this blog.


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