Thought for the day...

As a Brit, money is something I am often reluctant to talk about in the real world. We were brought up believing that it's rude to discuss it, beyond the occasional office 'joke' about going hungry near the end of the month (I'm continually surprised how many high earners still end each month with empty bank accounts). Then, there are those that even go so far as to claim it is unimportant. I strongly disagree with this notion. Money is so important and - if used wisely - can be a powerful tool. Yes, there are certainly other things I'd rather think about: friends, family, FOOD, get the idea. Regardless of what really brings me contentment, ultimately it's money which will allow me the time and comfort to enjoy these more worthy pursuits.

I came across this quote a couple of years ago and it's become somewhat of a mantra. Whenever Mr. Miser or myself are deciding whether to get a falafel wrap at the market, or go home and eat what we have planned to eat, we remind ourselves of this fact. Whenever we're tempted to 'outsource' some decorating to the tune of £100 a day, or upgrade our worn out bed sheets, we try and put our desires in the context of our long-term plan.

What do you really want? 

There is no right or wrong answer, but whoever you are, one truth applies: you will only ever make a finite amount of money. You also have the choice whether the way you spend it aligns with your values. If designer shoes and flashy cars make you profoundly and deeply content, that is exactly what you should buy.
If, on the other hand, the prospect of escaping the office and enjoying twenty extra work-free years with your family is what gets your pulse racing, then act like it! In my case, I've started putting those little pounds to work in a low cost index fund where - thanks to the beauty of compound interest - they will continue to multiply at a surprising rate.

I might have made choices this week, month and year which seem strange to others as they involve delayed gratification. I might live a little differently to my peers, but when I'm sitting at the dining table with my gorgeous family, slurping up a delicious plate of lentil spaghetti and planning the next round of planting for our little garden...I can't help but feel like I do have very nearly everything I want.

Over to you...what are your priorities, and what are you doing to stay true to them?


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