Treat yo self! Staying content on a miniscule budget

 Last night I had a wee treat. For most of my friends, a treat is a glass of wine in a nice bar, having their nails done professionally or even buying a new item of clothing. Instead, I decided to give myself an at-home beauty treatment.

This foot mask was only £2.70 (available from eBay, search for "purederm foot mask"). I used the very same one last year and after 2 weeks of (admittedly disgusting) shedding I was left with baby soft, perfectly pink feet. Perfect for busting out the sandals over summer! It even lasts much longer then a pedicure as it seems to penetrate a much deeper layer of skin. A lick of nail polish and I'll be all ready for my hols.

I cringe when I remember the £££ I would spend in a salon on a pedicure, when I can get the same result in the comfort of my home with little effort, and far less money.

The best part is, the bags need to be on for a minimum of one hour, so it's the perfect excuse to lie back, relax, and catch up on all my favourite blogs, with a cuppa in my hand.

What claims to bring contentment, could one day cause resentment.

It's so easy to say "I deserve it" and reach for your wallet. However, when you've decided you deserve financial security, early retirement and the joy of never having to make another mortgage payment, that bottle of bubbly or £60 hair cut doesn't seem worth the sacrifice. What claims to bring contentment, could one day cause resentment. Every time I decide to pass up on every day consumerism, I'm giving myself the gift of more time with my family, less stress...and less effort attempting to 'keep up with the Joneses'. I can't think of anything better than that!

How do you treat yourself, on a small budget?


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