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Repeat after me: Not every meal needs to be a production.

Breakfast fit for a queen
As I write this, I'm sipping on a free frothy coffee; brewed at work with minimal hassle and drunk from a real mug. My breakfast? A peanut butter and jam sandwich which cost, well, peanuts!

If, like some colleagues of mine, I indulged in a medium Cappuccino and a toasted sandwich from Starbucks, my "little treat" would cost a whopping £1482 a year. Seriously!? Mr. Thrift and I could have a holiday for that!

Something Mr Money Mustache wrote really struck a chord with me. I can't remember the exact quote but it was to the effect of "if you're in debt, you can't afford to pay people to prepare food for you".

We've decided that fancy packaged food isn't our priority. We can eat food of higher quality and lower price at home, and we don't even have to wear trousers doing it!

 Last night's dinner was a salad thrown together from some reduced mackerel, some eggs from our hens, and some potatoes that were going a bit soft around the edges (much like myself!)

It was absolutely bloody delicious, and I knew exactly what was in it. We rounded the meal off with some cheap yoghurt and jam. Bought by the kilo, it's far nicer than anything "pre-mixed" we've tried.

 I guess I wasn't telling the whole truth when I say I don't outsource any of my food preparation. When we're at work today our slow cooker will be quietly bubbling away a veg-filled bean chilli, whilst only using about the same amount of energy as a lightbulb. 

I simmered the beans overnight, and this morning I added the remaining ingredients and whacked it back on again. Easy black eyed peasy.

When I come in knackered from work and driving, all I'll have to do is boil up some brown rice and plonk it on a plate. Of course, I've also made enough for lunch tomorrow!

As the nights draw in again, I'll be on the lookout for more easy, cheap slow cooker meals, and I'll be sure to share any I find!


  1. I think now everyone should start thinking like you to have organic food at home rather than unhygenic food at high price in restaurants. But few people are lazy and they don't wanna make it at home.


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