Prep, prep and prep some more!

Last night I opened the fridge and there was half a tub of bean chilli winking at me. It would only do as a meal for one person, and it needed using us fast, so I mixed it with cous cous and stuffed into cheese topped peppers. The result:

Mr. Thrift and I each have half a pepper and some salad for lunch at work today, and the other 4 halves will be frozen for emergency lunches.

Whilst the oven was on, I also whipped up my baked bean lasagne so that Mr. Thrift wouldn't be tempted to order a Chinese tonight (I'll be out this evening). I usually go so far as to send him a text reminding him of what snacks, food and drink we have in the house so he doesn't feel like he's being left without!

I find a well stocked fridge with plenty of prepared food prevents us from eating rubbish, ordering in, or running out to buy more food we don't need.

Oh, and in other news, this happened:

We now have our £1000 emergency fund...hooray. Now I'm going to work on simultaneously paying down debts and saving funds for specific costs (e.g. home maintenance, pets, car repairs). It makes me feel safer to know that when these events occur - and they undoubtedly will - we have them covered!


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