Is minimalism frugal?

Let me tell you a secret: we don't have very much. We don't have a toaster, or a microwave, or a television, or a wardrobe. 

Like many others, I succumbed to the "KonMari" craze that swept the country a couple of years ago. I removed bags and bags of clothes, boxes of ornaments and documents, even large pieces of furniture. The result was, to my surprise, a more wearable wardrobe, a more liveable house, more time to do the things that I love!

My simple kitchen

The joy of a whistling kettle!

I can live in a smaller home

We live in a very expensive area. If we owned much more than we do, we would either need a larger house or to live in a dingy, cluttered environment. Our current set up means that our tiny Victorian two bed semi feels light and spacious and I can find everything, which is an absolute joy!

I think before I buy

Minimalism brings such a mindfulness to purchases. I no longer 'go shopping' as an activity. I either go to try and find a particular thing (for instance, recently Mr. Thrift needed some new jeans) or I use my time doing something else instead. We still have all the fun of hunting in charity shops and taking advantage of sales and codes but the difference is we hardly ever end up with things that aren't used. 

It saves us time

I have about 6 work outfits that I rotate and layer accordingly to weather. Nothing in my wardrobe is ill fitting, or unloved, and I don't spend time every morning deciding what to wear. As long as it's clean, I'll feel well turned out in it.

The house is also an absolute joy to keep. It takes me ten minutes to 'tidy' my entire house, and all the surfaces remain clear and are easy to clean.

Very nearly there...

The one area I struggle with still is food. I've had empty cupboards due to lack of funds, and it isn't pretty. Now our bank account never has less than four figures in it, so there is no need to hoard food and risk it expiring, or going uneaten. With this in mind I made an inventory of all the food we have in our kitchen. I'll use it to make a 4 week meal plan and try to eat down our stocks. 
The things I seem to particularly struggle to use up are Asian groceries, like rice paper, dried shrimp and condiments, so I'm going to need to do some serious research and branch out a bit!

It's not all doom and gloom; I only had one UFO (unidentified frozen object!). Mr. Thrift will be pleased...lucky dip dinners aren't his thing!!


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