End of March update

March was a really positive month for us. We paid off £725 of debts, kept within budget, logged everything religiously and managed to improve our eating.

We're back at the allotment on weekends. I can't help but feeling overwhelmed at how much there is to do but we've planted the following:

Early potatoes
Broad beans
Salad leaves
Climbing beans

This weekend I'm going to aim to clear some of the huge pile of wood at the end of the allotment, and get some more root veg and leaves in the ground. Mr Thrift has been digging like crazy, but getting a sweat on in the warm spring sun can only be good for us!

We also really need to clear the area in among the fruit trees. It looks like once upon a time a load of turf was dumped there, so there are huge lumpy mounds that need to be cleared, as we'd like to turn the middle bit into a little seating area, surrounded by perennial plants. So, lots and lots of work to do. On the upside, hopefully I'm burning some calories. I've certainly been sticking to my calorie 'budget'!

On Saturday I rose early to go to Lidl, spent £34 on groceries, including 2 huge bags of compost and loads of fresh fruit and veg, as well as some cleaning bits we needed, then I came back and cleaned the fridge out. I wash fruit and veg in warm water and white vinegar and dry it, before packing it away in the fridge. There was some veg left over from last week (look how sad it looks!) so I washed that again, chopped in up, simmered it in some stock then blended, which resulted in a delicious 86kcal per bowl soup!

March's Frugal Wins:

  1. Paid off £725 of debt.
  2. Used leftovers to make delicious, wholesome meals.
  3. Used my library! Instead of spending any of my 'entertainment' budget on books, I took a trip down to the library and spent Sunday afternoon enjoying a book I borrowed for free. It's also such a good way to gain access to new recipes, or try out cookery books you're tempted to buy!
  4. Got some seeds in the ground so I can feed my family from the allotment.
  5. Used our (very reasonable) National Trust membership to have a free family day out.

Goals for this month:

  • Pay off at least £425 of debt
  • Go out for a run or cycle at least four times (once every week)
  • Go to at least one National Trust property
  • Stick to my calorie counting!

I'm going to 'check in' again at the end of this month to see if we've managed to do it!


  1. So many positives! You're doing brilliantly. We are going to make a start eating healthier this month. I find it too easy to comfort eat during the winter months. X

    1. Thanks Jules :) Yes, we are trying to get back on track. Hopefully growing our own salad and veg will help, as well as going out on walks to enjoy the beautiful Chilterns :) x


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