Furnishing for Free and Creamy Veggie Curry (40p per portion - VEGAN)

I haven't posted in a while as it's been all go at Thrift Cottage. Mr Thrift got a big promotion and I've got a new job. We have been busy budgeting and trying to 'age' our money (more on that later) and nest in our new(ish) home. Tonight for dinner I made a beautifully creamy peanut curry. It's also completely vegan. I've made this before using various veggies, and actually tonight I used some tofu that needed eating, and the sauce is divine. It really doesn't taste like a 40p dish! I'm sure it would be 'dinner party ready' with a wedge of lime and some coriander, to garnish, but we are eating it like slobs, shoveling it into our mouths in front of a screen.

We are trying to phase out animal products completely (again!), so here is my...

Creamy Peanut Veggie Curry

1 tablespoon oil 2p
1 onion, cut into big chunks 5p
2 tsp crushed garlic 4p
2 tablespoons curry powder of choice 7p
1/2 block KTC pure creamed coconut 30p
1 mug water
1 tbsp tomato puree (or ketchup if you're desperate) 10p
2 tbsp peanut butter 6p
1 cup (2/3rds of a mug) frozen peas 14p
1/2 cauliflower, chopped into small florets (or tofu, or chicken) 50p
Salt and pepper to taste

Rice, 300g, prepared as per packet instructions 30p

TOTAL £1.58 Per portion: 40p

Fry the onion in the oil until softened.

Add the garlic and curry powder and continue to fry until fragrant

Add the coconut, water, tomato puree and peanut butter, bring to the boil then reduce to simmer whilst you cook the rice

For the last 5 minutes add the veg and simmer until soften.

We'll have the other half for lunch tomorrow.

So anyway, back to the 'ageing money'. We've been immersing ourselves in You Need a Budget, which is budgeting software which allows you to allocate your money to certain pots. One of the aims they recommend is ageing your money, so you use this months money to pay next month's bills, essentially building a one month buffer. Well, I've been pouring my energy into that after a few months with one income, and we are slowly making headway. We are three weeks ahead, which I'm very proud of.

All of this budgeting has meant that there is a very small amount of money to use on our new home, and by small I mean NOTHING...which is why I was thrilled to receive a lovely two seater sofa and footstool in great condition. It's so comfortable and we didn't slow down our saving efforts to fund it, plus it was saved from landfill :)

Enjoying my veggie curry sat on the sofa in front of some trash tv, I couldn't feel more content!


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