Cheap as chips

Sometimes the cheapest ingredients can come together to make a glorious supper. I'm not ashamed of the fact that sometimes we forgo worrying about nutrition and eat a cheap and hearty supper on our laps. Last nights dinner consisted of:

A few value spuds
A tin of value beans
Eggs from our own chickens
A dash of vegetable oil

Can't have cost more than 30p each and it was absolutely delicious.

Some other quick and cheap meals we enjoy are:

Spanish omelette (Frittata)
Beans on toast
A tin of mushy peas, warmed and seasoned (no, I'm not joking!)

What's your favourite cheap 'cheat' meal?


  1. Chips, egg, and beans, one of my favourites. Sadly I don't fry chips at home, don't have a chip pan, so my treat is a portion from a chippy if I am passing.

    1. Hi Ilona!

      We don't have a chip pan either. I bring them to the boil, put the lid on then leave them to blanche for 2 minutes. Then I drain them and tip them into a splash of oil in a heated oven tray. I try to have something else in the oven at the same time if I can :)

  2. Check out Thrifty Leslie's mushy pea fritters
    I'm definitely trying these. Regards, Rose x

  3. Love Spanish omelette! (I just call it an omelette - I thing normal ones are really boring so I never even consider eating the non Spanish version)


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