A rather ugly dinner indee - 30p per portion, 308 kcals

Well, I'm still calorie counting, and finding it easier than I thought I would. I do seem to 'dip' a little in the hour leading up to meals so I'm considering introducing some hard boiled eggs to give me a protein boost (and use up some of the copious amounts of eggs our hens lay)

In other news, we've reached 27 day old money, which I'm really chuffed about. I'd probably ideally like it at about 60 to 90 (so we have paid for the next 2-3 months of expenses in advance), but in the meantime I'll be really happy to get to 31 days, whilst stashing away money in various pots for various savings goals.

Last night was another low calorie, low cost meal. We had ours with rice (which probably adds about 4p to each serving), so obviously there were more than 308kcals on our plates, but I was still well within my calorie goal and I really enjoyed it.

It's probably the ugliest dish in the world, in part due to me picking up chopped spinach instead of whole, but it was tasty, filling and nutritious. Frozen spinach is a great thing to have on hand. It's so much cheaper than fresh and a great source of iron. I often chuck a handful into stews and curries just for good measure.

1 tbsp oil - 1p
1 large/2 small onions - 10p
1 tsp garlic - 3p
2 heaped tablespoons curry powder (I used one of madras and one of garam masala) - 10p
Coconut cream - 30p
Tin of kidney beans - 30p
250g frozen spinach - 38p

  • Fry the onion in oil for a good 5-10 minutes until soft and starting to caramelise.
  • Add the garlic and curry powder and continue to cook for 3-5 minutes more.
  • Add the remaining ingredients, plus enough water to JUST cover everything.
  • Bring to the boil, reduce, and simmer for 10-20 minutes.
  • Season really, really well.
I actually tend to make veggie curries the night before and leave them out on the hob in the cold kitchen. The next day they are so much more flavourful.

Tonight we will be having more veggies and rice, but in a different form. Cheap and nutritious is definitely the theme this week (and I'm trying to save up sufficient virtuousness for the inevitable slip on Easter Sunday!)


  1. Does your partner eat this too? Which my hubby would eat stuff like this! xx


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