Today I am grateful for...

My electric blanket! It might not be the coolest thing for a 25 year old to possess, but my goodness is it frugal...

Little one is at granny's house today so we've spent the entire day snuggled up in bed together watching movies, eating leftovers and, despite having not turned the heating on for several days now, are all toasty thanks to our electric blanket which costs pennies to run. It does mean that it gets a bit chilly when we run to the loo, but the savings are worth it!

According to Which?, the most energy efficient blanket they tested would cost a grand total of £2.19  if put on every day for 2 hours every day for six months! If you can bear to pop it on and snuggle up with a book rather than pumping heat through your entire house (and see much of that disappear out of the roof!) then there are huge savings to be made.

Here is the one we have, and we think it's one of the best £20 we have ever spent!

Finally, we tucked into a lovely dinner which was a doddle to make and cost us next to nothing. I left the in laws house with tupperware bursting with turkey and trimmings this morning and used my oil pastry recipe to make a "Christmas Pie", which was followed with a wee glass of cherry brandy which was given to us as a gift this year. It's all about the simple pleasures.

I hope your Christmas was as merry as ours!


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