Creamy squash pasta - 30p per person

This doesn't look like much. I'm no good at photography, but one thing I am good at is eating and I can assure you it was delicious. For the simplicity of the humble ingredients used it tasted very sophisticated and got a thumbs up from all around the table.

This cost me less than a pound to make as I used courgette and squash from my allotment...everything else I had lurking in my fridge or cupboard!

Glug olive oil - 5p
1 large courgette/squash, cubed - 20p
1/2 pack Sainsburys Basic Pepperoni, cubed - 50p
About 1/6th pack Basic cream cheese -12p
1 chicken/veg stock cube - 2.5p
Good shake of dried sage (or use fresh if you have it!) - 5p
Salt and pepper

1/3rd pack Basics pasta shapes- 23p

Total: £1.18, 30p per serving!

Fry the veg and pepperoni in the olive oil until the squash/courgette is starting to soften and the pepperoni has crisped up and released it's lovely fat into the pan.

Meanwhile cook off the pasta in boiling water.

Sprinkle sage over the veg mix and season well. Add a stock cube and a ladle of hot water from the cooking pasta to dissolve the stock in and simmer the veg.

When the pasta is nearly done stir in the cream cheese. Then stir in the pasta to coat. If it needs a little more sauce, add some more used pasta water to "loosen" the mixture a little. Crack open that black pepper then, er, crack it...the more the better; this pasta cries out to be drowned in the stuff!!

It's been a bit of a treat filled day today...tonight I'm trying the pizzas I made and froze earlier in the week and watching Paddington together. At some point I shall get myself back to the gym. Maybe. After the Sainsburys Basics custard creams are all gone...


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