A Simple Christmas

As part of our ongoing journey to living simpler, frugal, contented lives, we've spent the last few weeks ridding our house of unnecessary possessions. We've really been enjoying our minimal house, but one thing that fills me with dread is relatives turning up to our small home, with bags full of gifts we have no space for.

My solution? I'm waging WAR on consumerist Christmas and opting for something simpler instead.

It might seem mad sending out an email about the festive season in early August, but I know many people pick up gifts all year round and can't bear the thought of someone receiving this kind of email once they've already thought about, searched for and bought a gift.

Today I sent this email out to our nearest and dearest:

Hi All,

It might be a bit too early to be mentioning the "C" word, but we've been spending the last few weeks thoroughly spring cleaning and decluttering the house, with a possible house move to a two bed on the horizon.

With this in mind, and with us all enjoying our clearer and more organised home, we thought we might get in there before you generous people start early Xmas shopping and announce that we're opting out of gift giving this year!

Instead we'd like to throw a party at some point in December and feed and water everyone. Jade (all going well) will also be moving into a smaller bedroom so I'd appreciate it if gifts could stay either at your houses (where she allows it!) or come in non-physical form. I found a great link with some suggestions such as experiences, days out etc:

The only collection she has that I'm happy to see grow is books, but as she's now using a kindle an Amazon voucher, I'm sure, would be greatly received.

As for us we implore you to buy us nothing at all. We would however be delighted just to have your presence, without the presents, in December :)

Mina and Alister x

I can only hope that they will breathe and inward sigh of relief and not find it terribly rude! This year I envisage a simple home, full of people I love, food, drink, laughter and happiness. All the stuff can stay on the shelves, and all the money can stay in our pockets!


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