Garden spoils!

One of the things I am in awe of when I reflect upon my frugal, minimal life, is that a seemingly bare fridge and pantry stocked with only essentials seems to birth the most hearty and wonderful meals.

We harvested our first ever courgettes this month. They are heavier, less soggy and far more flavourful than any shop bought I've had (possibly because my budget usually only stretches to the cheapest of the cheap!)

I thought I might share the lunch we had today which was so satisfying and delicious.

I made an adapted version of my courgette fritters, this time using more traditional herbs for an English flavour, to compliment my homemade potato salad.

I used:

1 large courgette, grated
1 chilli, sliced
2 garlic cloves, diced
1 heaped tsp mixed herbs
1 egg
enough gram flour to bind it into a big delicious sticky mess.

I then heated up my trusty jar of fried oil (every time I make fritters I decant the oil back into a Kilner jar for next time. I swear the flavour is enhanced by this...but the savings please me too!) and fried big dollops until brown and crispy.

We had them drizzles of homemade mayo and chilli jam - delish!

The potato salad was simply some boiled new potatoes - also from the allotment - mixed with mayo, pepper, parsley, mustard and spring onions. Much better than shop bought, and cheaper too!


  1. Love all your recipes using courgettes! I need to grow some next year, i hear they're easy to grow! x

    1. They're so easy to grow, and once they start they just keep on coming!


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