Smoky Black Bean One Pot

We had it for lunch the next day with buttered reduced sunflower seed bread and a side of pickled red cabbage.

1 onion 7p
2 garlic cloves 6p
2 heaped tsp sweet smoked paprika 5p
2 level tsps hot chilli powder 5p
1 tsp oregano 5p (or fresh - free - herbs from the garden)
1 tin plum tomatoes 25p (KTC tins regularly on 4 for £1
250g Black turtle beans, soaked overnight 90p and cooked
1/2  cup (60g) brown rice - 7p
1 chicken stock cube (or leftover chicken bones!) 2p
1 carrot - 7p
1 celery stalk - 10p

Serves four £1.69/42p each (very very generous portions...with bread will feed six)

Finely dice onion, carrot, celery, garlic and spices. Fry them all either in butter or oil or, as I do, using splashes of hot water instead.

Add all other ingredients. Cook on high for 2/3 hours. Season to taste - I add a dash of mushroom ketchup!

Leave lid on for a hearty soup and dunk in crusty bread.

Take lid off for a thick chilli. Serve as is or in a tortilla wrap with salad, roasted veg, or whatever you please!



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