Lentil Shepherds Pie

There is something inherently satisfying about feeding ones family. I love to fill their tums with cheap, satisfying healthy food. As you may have noticed, I like lentils and beans...a lot! They can be flavoured in all sorts of ways to create a variety of meals, whilst being protein filled, low fat, high in fibre and very, very cheap - what's not to love!?!

A couple of months ago I made BBC Good Food's Veggie Shepherds Pie. The recipe makes enough to serve 10(!), even more with a hearty portion of veg on the side, so I froze half and we ate half yesterday. I put the lentil filling in the bottom of my slow cooker, layered on peeled sliced potatoes and a splash of water, and cooked on low for 12 hours.

I adjusted the recipe slightly to make it dairy free and frugal.

Instead of floury King Edwards I used Lidls potatoes which are £3.97 for a whopping 7.5kg, which means 2kg is only about a quid!

I used 500g brown whole lentils (50p) (BBC GF used puy...I say pah! Whole brown lentils are 10p/100g from the Asian shops/world food aisle and hold their shape well just like a fancy lentil does!)

The first time round, when I topped it with mash, I only added some Pure dairy free spread and no milk to the top. If you eat cheese then the recipe suggests a sprinkle on top before popping under the grill/in the oven.

We had ours with some Brussels Sprouts we found yellow stickered (30p for a big bag), steamed in the microwave. If you like things quite saucy you might like a splash of gravy with this. As always, we will have the leftovers for lunch today.


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