Allotment Update

We enjoyed a wonderful week at the allotment. Not only is it a great - and cheap - recreational activity, it's proving great exercise. I often wake up with aching muscles from hauling huge clods of turf and clay. Much more fun than the gym!

Our plot neighbours have also been very generous. We've been given, this week alone, blackcurrant trees, gooseberry bushes, strawberry runners and pallets. It's a lovely little community and we hope to be able to contribute more ourselves once we get going.

We managed to pick up 50m MDPE pipe for only £15 so on Friday I got to work with it. Here is the first part of my purple sprouting broccoli Fort Knox. I used canes stuck in the ground to hold them in place and will further secure them with canes before covering in pigeon proof netting to prevent pests eating our dinner before we do.

We built a frame for our broad beans and sugar snap peas (which are already growing well)

Now we have a total of 7 beds dug out.

I'm pleased with the progress. The next job is to plant out our free strawberry plants and build a fruit cage from some 1X1 wood we found in Ali's dad's garage.


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