Mothering Sunday and Five Frugal Things

I'm not sure what this blog will become yet, but I'm sure a record of the positive things in my life is a good start.

Yesterday I spent the day at National Trust's Cliveden, with my lovely DD. We wandered around the grounds, and had lunch in the Orangery, which was a real treat and not too expensive. I had a mixed bean hotpot, which I'd love to recreate at home.

Obligatory Selfie!


DDs favourite - the bridges!

It was a lovely day. I'm trying to save money at the moment, but I'd love a National Trust pass. For two adults and one child it'd be about £11 a month, which doesn't seem to bad for a day out. It's just resolving to go somewhere each week!

Anyway, onto my...

Five Frugal Things

1. Defrosting bean chilli from the freezer as we speak - we're going to eat out of our freezer every week to make way for (fingers crossed!) the fresh homegrown produce which is due to spring from our garden this summer.

2. Making Spanish frittata to take to uni for lunch. We have chickens, so the eggs are free, and the spuds cost nearly nothing. Taking food with me avoids buying overpriced sandwiches and snacks.

3. Already I'm only putting the heating on for a couple of hours each night. When swaddled in a dressing gown, thick socks and a blanket, I'm toasty enough!

4. I managed to get all the wood needed for our four raised beds for £50 from Chiltern Wood Recycling - a complete bargain, compared to what they cost ready assembled. The guys in there were really helpful, cut everything to size, and will deliver for that price too - fab!

5. I've started saving A's (my other half) wee for use as fertiliser. Studies have shown diluted human urine and wood ash to be great at fertilising tomatoes...we might not mention it to the next person to come over for pasta though ;)

I would use mine too, but I'm on the contraceptive pill, and I'm yet to find any information on how that might affect my plants.

So there you have it - my five frugal things! This morning I'm going to chase a lead I might have regarding some empty allotment plots, but they aren't in my parish, and I've heard some allotment committees can be wary of young people. Worth a try though, before I continue attempting to stage The Good Life in my own little suburban house!

If anyone is reading this, I wish you a fab day!


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