All you need is a sunny windowsill

I have planting fever! My entire dining room window is covered in seedlings. So far we have courgettes, squashes, cucumbers, various herbs, tomatoes, sweetcorn and sweet peppers joining us for breakfast and dinner each day. At one point, the dining table was so ladened with seeds and pots that we dined on our laps in the living room.

In the plastic greenhouse sugar peas, leeks, beetroot and nasturtiums can be found hiding from the frosty March weather.

My first tray of sweetcorn seedlings look promising. Some of the seedlings have a little white fungus on the surface of the soil. I'm going to try opening the window above them to try and increase airflow.

My tomatoes have grown their first pair of "true leaves" so I shall pot these on soon!

Ali's been digging away - what a trooper. He's now dug FOUR 10X4 beds in his spare time. We've yet to formulate a plan for our fruit area. When we do, we'll order the wood for all the raised beds. I think fruit is perhaps overlooked in the grow your own world. The plants bring you treats year after year, whilst being some of the most expensive produce you can buy in the supermarket! My pound shop gooseberry and raspberry cuttings are doing fantastically well. If they bring me any fruit they'll have been the best bargains I've found in a long time.

Yesterday, as well as a lot of digging, we planted purple sprouting broccoli under the cold frame. I've also planted some comfrey root by the compost bin to provide our plants with nutritious homemade fertiliser.

I'd quite like our allotment to be beautiful, as well as practical. I don't want us to overstretch ourselves, but I've sowed seeds for sweet peas, foxglove and sunflowers, to dot around. I'd also like to have some lavender somewhere.

Whilst planning our own little allotment, growing veg is all I can think about, so our evening entertainment has been garden themed. I've found some wonderful old programmes available online, so I thought I'd share them...

Fork to Fork by Monty Don - I adore cooking, so what really inspired me about this programme was seeing the journey of a plant from a mere seed to a culinary delight. 

Edible Garden by Alys Fowler - Alys is unashamed in her quest for an aesthetic garden as well as a productive one. A smattering of recipes along with candid documentation of her less than successful crops makes this a great watch.

Grow Your Own Veg with Carol Klein - Carol is clearly as excited as I am about growing her own veg. 

I'd love to find some more of the same, if I can. Failing that, it's back to munching toast and drinking tea in front of The Good Life. Tom and Barbara never fail to bring a smile to my face!


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