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I love food waste!

Ok, the title might not be strictly true, or even remotely accurate. I do, in fact, hate food waste. But when those who are less fervent planners than you or I go on holiday, there are usually goodies to be had.
I have no shame in offering to take any perishable goods of the hands of those who won't be able to use them before they go away, and that is how I ended up with these goodies (plus a bag of mangoes, some veggie samosas and a huge carrier bag of onions and potatoes, not pictured). I was delighted. I make sure to thank people profusely and - if appropriate - will give a thank you card or a jar of something homemade to show my appreciation. One by one friends and family have realised that we're not ashamed, but delighted, to take their unwanted food, and now we quite frequently get big bundles of perfectly useable produce.
The UK throws away over £13bn of food every year which is, frankly, rather disgusting.  We are determined not to be part of the problem. I've not …

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